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With Ric Wallis  

Our mission is to enable photographers of all levels to create wonderful photographs while enjoying the beauty of nature in Australia and Indonesia.

In beautiful, remote landscapes, guests learn to take their photography to the next level, receiving the information they need to take wonderful photographs wherever they travel.

Ric Wallis, a successful professional photographer, designs the trips and shares his knowledge about how to capture "what's in our mind's eye". Flying to places that are normally difficult to get to (or where flights can't be bought), guests learn how to accomplish what they set out to achieve when taking pictures!

Ric says "Our trips are as much about how we THINK about photography as the technique required to produce really fabulous photographs”. It’s a revelation to many of our guests.

By the end of a Photo Escapades trip, photographers move beyond taking the most obvious snap shot. They learn to avoid feeling overwhelmed by technicalities allowing them to concentrate on expressing their vision.

Guests arrive home having discovered, that "you do NOT have to be a professional photographer to take great pictures and to SEE like a photographer – it’s an understanding.

Ric has over 30 years experience working in a range of commercial photographic fields. He has flown around Australia in his own light aircraft visiting many remote places. Ric has combined his passion for both photography and flying into Photo Escapades, teaming up with an experienced air charter operator, which owns a variety of aircraft and specialises in outback flying. Their safety record is 100%.

What could be more fun for passionate photographers than to fly in comfort, above the dust and boredom of the roads, to places that are normally out of reach? With  Photo Escapade's know-how, guests, using their own equipment, take their photography to a higher level, arriving home with fabulous pictures and the skills to do it again, anywhere!

This is not just travel, it’s an experience!

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Phone:     +61 (0)418 365 566
Address: 47 Chestnut Street, Cremorne, Victoria, 3121, Australia.