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About Flinders Island

This trip, for a group of six to eight, is the amazing Flinders Island in Bass Strait. Arriving after a one-hour flight in our private twin-engine Navajo on a Friday afternoon, we stay two nights at the beautiful Mountain Seas Retreat. Set in rugged wilderness, Mountain Seas is the finest accommodation available on Flinders Island. Everyone has his or her private room.

Over the next two days we photograph diverse landscapes, from pristine beaches to rugged mountains. We travel as a small group, so there’s plenty of time for us to assess what information you need to take your photography to the next level. Covering the use of histograms, lenses, depth of field, information on composition beyond the law of thirds, a lot about light and a philosophical approach to post production. You will arrive home thinking differently about the way you take pictures.

The $2657 price includes airfares, accommodation, ground transport and all meals, see our terms and conditions.  Click below to find out about our earlybird discount!

One minute video

Hi Flinder's crew,
Firstly thank you Ric for giving me the opportunity to see Flinder's Island through the eye of a lens. I know that I will not look at landscape views the same way. Thanks for the memories.

Thank you so much for sharing the magic and your love of Flinders Island with us. I enjoyed every moment from the first chai to the last jelly snake! I really appreciated your generosity of spirit, thoughtfulness, TLC of me and the encouragement you gave me to push beyond my perceived physical limitations in the pursuit of beauty and inspiration. The doors of perception have been widened and hopefully I will be able to retain some of the technical knowledge to enhance my photos in future. It was a good sized group and I really enjoyed sharing time with all the different personalities.

Email: info@photoescapades.com.au
Phone:     +61 (0)418 365 566
Address: 47 Chestnut Street, Cremorne, Victoria, 3121, Australia.