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Preparing to go - Clothing

Flinders Island and Three Hummock Island sit below the 40th parralel, in the region of the globe sailors refer to as "The Roaring Forties" due to the strong winds often experienced there. Average top temperatures during January to April range from a low of 8 to a high of 25 degrees. Because these are averages, actual temperatures can be hotter or colder. This means you should pack a wind-proof jacket which is waterproof as well. Underneath, you should wear layers so that you can peel them off as the day warms up and vice versa. Also consider the optional pre- dawn wake up on Saturday and Sunday mornings when long underwear may be appropriate. Please also bring sturdy footwear as although you don't need to walk far, you may want to negotiate rough terrain.

For the outback: The outback in winter can be quite cold, certainly in the morning and at night, but on the plus side, the flies aren’t bad. The mean top temp at Mungo in June is 16 degrees and the mean minimum is 5.2 degrees, for Arkaroola 16.8 top in June to mid 20s in September and a low of 4.5 – once again, these are average temperatures so it can be hotter and/or colder. Wearing layers is always a good idea so that if it’s warm you can take off a layer or two. The wind can also be quite chilly, so please bring a wind/water proof jacket. Sturdy footware is also a must as the ground is very rocky and harsh on shoes.

Bearing this in mind, we ask that you pack as lightly as possible as weight is critical in the aircraft we fly – please aim at 10KG, all up, as the limit. 

For Bali/Komodo: Shorts, teeshirts, runners for walking, a hat, pullover and sunscreen. Easy.

Camera gear suggestions.

We are happy if you want to keep your camera gear to just an iPhone, however, many of you will want to bring more which, of course, we welcome.
A light weight tripod should be part of your kit.

A remote camera release is a good idea but not essential.

You might like to carry a polarizing filter and a neutral density filter for enhancing sky and water.

A black card, a bit smaller than A4, is very handy for cutting flare at dawn and sunset, when your lens hood doesn’t cover.

A few memory cards is a great idea as our trips provide so may great opportunities to burn up some memory, especially if you’re shooting raw.

I’ll bring a computer so that we can view your pictures - you can bring your own, however not bringing it may help keep you under the target baggage weight of 10kg.

Don't forget your various chargers and spare batteries.

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