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Open door aerial photography excursions

- Melbourne city, Wilsons Prom, The 12 Apostles.

An amazing experience for photographers of all knowledge levels. We use an aircraft with a sliding door which we open when arriving over points of interest, providing uninterrupted views - you can look straight down if you like. Before take-off you'll be fully briefed on safety and how to achieve the best photographs from the air. This is an experience you'll never forget.

***It works like this: Push the 'book now' button on the trip you like, fill in the form and when we have a minimum of 4 bookings, in consultation with you, we'll work out a date considering weather.  

Orbit Melbourne's CBD in the late afternoon light.

We fly from Lilydale Airport in the beautiful Yarra Valley to the CBD where we'll open the door allowing you to shoot stunning aerial images as we circle the city. 
$350 per person.

Wilson's Promontory

Get amazing views of the southern most tip of the Australian mainland. We'll fly from Lilydale to join the coast near Phillip Island then it's door open from there till we've flown right around the Prom, including wonderful views of the light house on the tip. This fantastic experience is only $620 per person.

The Twelve Apostles, the Lakes of the Western District and the west coast.

We fly from Lilydale past the Melbourne CBD and out over the Western District where you'll have the oportunity to photograph the interesting lakes that are scattered around the area - an example of which is featured on this page. We'll land at Peterborough for a cup of coffee then fly around the Apostles shooting through the open door, fantastic! Then, we fly back along the coast, Cape Otway, Apollo Bay, Lorne, Anglesea, Torquay, Barwon Heads, then back across the bay to Lilydale - unforgettable. $800

Sixty second video - have a look.

Phone:     +61 (0)418 365 566
Address: 47 Chestnut Street, Cremorne, Victoria, 3121, Australia.